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This is the beginning of our collection for “Stories of Hope”.

Story #1

When I was a child about 10 years old, I remember around Christmas time my mother opening the front door and on our deck was a Salvation Army Christmas Food Hamper and Toy hamper for me and my brothers. I will never forget the look on my mothers face and it will be engraved in my mind. That hamper came at a time when we would have gone without, and thanks to the Salvation Army my family didn’t have to.

Story #2

I was working in a grocery store meat room as the assistant to the Meat Cutter when my wife was pregnant with our first child. Two weeks before she was to be born my boss called me into the stock room and gave me the worst news a new father could get. I was laid off work indefinitely. Our world was shattered. Coming from a small community jobs were not readily available. So while I was looking for work I received employment benefits from the government, which was barely enough for me to pay rent. Then with diapers and formula and food for my family we were dead broke and going deeper and deeper in debt.

It was a cold December morning when a knock came at our door. As I opened the door, before me stood a middle aged, balding man dressed in a Salvation Army uniform. In his hands were some bags which he handed to me and wished me a Merry Christmas. In those bags were toys for my daughter for Christmas and some food to help us during this important time of the year. My eyes filled with tears as I responded with “Merry Christmas and thank you so much!” After a little chat with this Salvation Army Officer I closed the door and cried. I thank God for that man and The Salvation Army who helped us get through a difficult time in our lives.